Ice Cream Days

Sweet Treats for Cool Folks

Ice Cream Days @ Sal & Mookie's

Let’s face it- if you have ice cream, you are the cool kid. That’s what makes Sal & Mookie’s a great place for charities, businesses, and politicians to treat their followers to ice cream for a day as a way to raise awareness for a cause, drive eyes to a project or business, or to meet constituents.

Our servers and scoop shop attendants let customers know who has purchased their treat for the day and then hand out a push card (if you choose to provide one) to our guests. You are more than welcome to be at the restaurant to meet people and bring other materials with you: flyers, posters, etc. we just ask that you take everything down when your Ice Cream Day is over. We ain’t yo momma!

What makes Ice Cream Days with Sal & Mookie’s such a great decision? Marketing. When you decide that you would like to host an Ice Cream Day with Sal & Mookie’s, not only will you have the day to host a meet-and-greet at the restaurant, you will also receive an email blast to our 19,000+ email list, Facebook posts to our 11,000+ followers, and tweets to 7,000+ followers. To do this, we need a jpg image logo, a short description of the program being highlighted, and any contact information you would like included. Because no one likes to be ghosted.

There are 2 options for your Ice Cream Day- we’re just flexible like that:

Option 1

Buy All Ice Cream


Option 2

“Create Your Own” One-Scoop Ice Cream Sales

($250-500) This is a “package” of one scoop of ice cream with a choice of 1 topping and choice of cup, sugar, or cake cone.

We’re not psychic (unfortunately.) These prices are only estimates and the actual prices WILL vary based on customer volume and your choice of program.

We account for the sales of your chosen program and submit a bill with all details.  We expect payment promptly by credit card on site the day of or via an emailed invoice afterwards.

To set up an Ice Cream Day, all you need to do is call me! 

Susan Farris
Marketing Manager
601.982.4443 ext. 17