Happy Hours at Sal And Mookie’s

All Bar Drinks. 25% Off. Tues – Fri. 11 AM To 6 PM.

Happy Hours @ Sal & Mookies
When we crafted our Happy Hours, we saw how Sal & Mookie’s sits in the heart of a working man’s neighborhood. We really wanted something that a lot of the shift workers in the area hadn’t had before and that was a happy hour that they could enjoy too, because everyone loves a delicious drink at the end of a long work day. Susan Farris, Marketing Manager

Happy Hours: Because Life’s Too Short To Pass Up A Good Drink

We get it. You like your drink the same way you like your pizza- made just the right way. That’s why we don’t limit our Happy Hours to just certain types of drinks or super strict hours. Because who’s got the time for that?

Happy Hours at Sal & Mookie’s allows you to enjoy 25% off ANY bar drink Tuesday through Friday from 11 AM to 6 PM. Working odd shifts? We got you covered. Love our jumbo, craft cocktails? Yep. Those are included too.

Your favorite drink is as unique as you are. Shouldn’t your Happy Hour be too?